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Where you should stay when you travel to Egypt?

Egypt travel tour Packages 

Where to stay in Egypt? And what are the hotel choices you have

First of all and before reading any info in this article keep in mind that the hotels standard in Egypt are not the same as in Europe or the united states if you are using 4 stars while traveling the world my advice is to book Five stars or even higher. And if you are on a certain budget you will find a wide range of different budgets hotels and hostels

Giza where the great Pyramids are located

If the pyramids are your main goal and you want just to relax around the area of Giza pyramids With a view of them and also you can easily reach Sakkar or Dahashur and Alexandria dessert road which is very close to it and it takes two and half hours to reach Alexandria from there, then this area should be your choice

Down Town Cairo Near to the Nile 

If you lean towards the center of the city with a wide range of hotel choices and medium  Budgets hostels with easy access to all the main transportation lines like the Subway and busses which will help you a lot whether you booked with an agent or even on your own then Down Town Cairo is the best choice for you


It’s a nice area but extremely far from anything else especially all the attractions as it’s located on the other side of the city.  But it’s so close to  Cairo International Airport. and if you decided to stay there the accommodation will cost you more than the other districts and in case you would like to do a tour in the morning or hang out at night the transportation will cost you extra.


It a higher standard area located close to the center of the city so if you lean towards walking  around easily after your tour or your daily activity in the morning and find anything you might need like restaurants, Coffee Shops even bars then Zamalek would be the best choice for you

Wish this article helps you to decide where to stay in Egypt.