Salah El din and Old Cairo day tour

Old Cairo Day tour

Driving along with old Cairo with Live Egypt Tours today during your Salah El din and Old Cairo day tour you’ll be able to see the modern downtown.

Where Tahari Square is and where the Revolution took place and you will be escorted to the old part of the city to explore the magical part of the city.

The Old parts of the cities tell us a lot about their spirit and flavor and this is exactly what we’re going to take you through.

We are taking you through the Spirit of Cairo to taste the flavor of it and to meet the people to see how they are managing their life, traffic, and how they display their food in the stores.

Plus the beautiful yummy bread was everywhere in the streets for sale and also in the Old markets.

All this while you’re driving through the city to see its own fortress Citadel of Salah Eldin

The only fortress in the city with its magical huge towers and walls and then behind these Walls the cherry on the cake.

Muhammad Ali’s mosque or the alabaster mosque is one of the most well decorative mosques in the city with its own beautiful Othman design.

And it’s not going to end like that by visiting the beautiful fortress and the magnificent mosque you will also get to see a beautiful panoramic view of the city even the pyramids you will get to see from there.

Then drive from the fortress to the community of religions to see the oldest church in the Middle East and Africa and to walk to the synagogue of Ben Ezra all in one place and that explains why it is called a community of religions. And much more during your Salah El din and Old Cairo day tour.


  • Salah El din Citadel
  • Mohamed Ali mosque
  • Hanging church
  • Abu serga church
  • Ben Ezra synagogue
  • Khan El Khalil market


Moving along the old part of the city by the cemetery and the graveyards which used to be outside it and the City extended all the way around them you will see a massive fortress was built 800 years ago to defend the City from The Crusaders attacks but the funny part of the story that Salah el din who built the fortress could always stop the Crusades before they reach the city gates so they never been to the city and as a result, the fortress was never been used, later on, a couple of hundred years ago Muhammad Ali the founder of modern Egypt chose the city to build his Palace and mosque inside which is today one of the most famous mosques in the city, designed the same design of the blue mosque in Turkey, with very beautiful domes covered in aluminum and very graceful minarets look like pencils and a breathtaking panoramic view of the City from there. After that move

Old Cairo moving from one place to another in the old city is absolutely and Adventures getting lost in the souqs and markets going inside the Old mosques churches and synagogues is a different experience because you can find them all at one place walking from one place to so you can visit the Hanging church and then your God will walk with you along the old part of the city to visit Abu serga church and then move to Ben Ezra synagogue while you're walking from one stop to another you'll get to see the old ruins of Babylon fort around you you'll see many churches were built there later as the neighborhood became very holy over the years many nunneries and monasteries as well then you'll be able to walk to Khan El Khalil market  where some of the oldest coffee shops and restaurants in the City exists You could always walk all the way starting from the oldest gates of the city moving to the oldest Street which  called Moez the street mosques old tradition schools and Sabile will be all the way around you the architect the and the atmosphere is definitely a different experience  after the amazing experience of the day will transfer you back to your hotel

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Salah El din and Old Cairo day tour
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