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Cairo pyramids and Egyptian museum tour

Explore one of the most popular tours for Egypt with Live Egypt tours .You will visit the great pyramid how it was built. there are many theories known to most Egyptologists they thought about it through our own perspective not from an ancient Egyptian perspective so we think that the ancient Egyptians had another knowledge.

Today you will get to uncover all the mysteries behind building the pyramids and Also you will enjoy a variety of ancient Egyptian antiquities at the Egyptian Museum.

Cairo full day trip

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In a full day to Giza pyramids and the Egyptian Museum, you are getting a real flavor of ancient Egypt and you will be amazed how great those people were.

Giza pyramids with its greatness as it has among it the only surviving ancient wonders of the world and you will be surprised when you go because you’re expecting the sight to have only three pyramids but it actually has 9 pyramids plus many other officials and nobleman tombs and also the village of the workers which was discovered by the American excavator Mark leaner.

As you proceed to the Egyptian museum filled with the positive vibes from the pyramids

Your cake is already packed then the museum is gonna be the cherry on top of it, going among its corridors which has more than 12 hundred pieces is going to be overwhelming you will cherish every moment you spend

And as our guide explaining it then everything will make sense, putting the pieces of history together like a puzzle, it’s a piece of art and knowledge.


  • Giza Pyramids
  • The Great Sphinx
  • Egyptian Museum


Today after Live Egypt tour guide picks you up from your hotel to start one of the best tours for Egypt.
today you're visiting a site which is around 2600 BC and you're seeing the Great Pyramid which is the only surviving ancient wonders of the world.
About 2 1/2 million blocks over 6 million tons and some of the blocks are almost 15 tons in weight how did they move such heavy blocks this is the question that we would like to answer while visiting the pyramids plateau Cheops, Khfre and Menakaure

were the ancient Egyptians able to deal with gravity differently than we are today
Were they able to create an anti-gravity field using spinning discs which actually was found and it is today in the ancient Egyptian museum of Cairo all these questions we will be able to answer while visiting Giza pyramids and the Egyptian Museum today  the Great Pyramid is one of the unique structures around the world that many mysteries about it knowing the mysteries of the number blocks and the weight of each block and how heavy they are might help us to so many other mysteries of dealing with the weight and moving heavy things even today

In the area, while we are moving to the second pyramid of a different son of Cheops we will notice that it looks higher and bigger from different angles and this is exactly how smart the architect who designed it is because he actually put it on a cliff to look bigger and higher from different angles also it's the only pyramid still keeping the outer casing on top of it


Giza plateau has many unique things to be seen yet very special like the Sphinx the oldest and the largest things ever built in Egypt which we were told and known as that it has a lion's body and a human's head referring to power and Intelligence but again we are thinking through our own perspective why are the ancient Egyptians never think brain or head have anything to do with intelligence at all you will find the answer during the tour while you're visiting the area you'd be able to see the Great Pyramid moving to its outer and side which is the best to take photos off and also it has the beautiful kufue's boat where you can see the oldest and the largest boat ever in the world it's even older than the Vikings (Optional ) and then you'll be recorded to the Magnificent panoramic view  from there you can see the three pyramids and you'll also be able to see the three small pyramids of the Queen's as for a very long time they said that the Queen will be sharing the pyramid with the king inside by having a separate chamber but that turned to be not true the Queen was buried outside in much smaller pyramid having more than one wife was a royal ritual from this panoramic view

(Optional ) you can also go further to the heart of the Desert to see all the 9th pyramids that the area is keeping today cheapo's  pyramid, his wife's  pyramids, Kefruen, Mekruns, and  his  wife's   you could do this on a camel ride or a horse ride or even a carriage

Next Move to The Egyptian museum with over 100000 pieces in the display you will get to have a magnificent experience inside the Egyptian museum covering the highlights of it.

You'll be able to see the first folding chair ever in history and you'll get to see the first folding bed as well you'll get to see the smallest statue ever found for Cheops which is 7 cm is made of Ivory you'll get to see the collection of his mother which was discovered 1925 Queen htep hers and of course, the Mummy's gallery asking Tutankhamun's collection After the great experience of today  will transfer you back in comfort to the tour starting point

Giza Pyramids & Egyptian museum tour includes

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  • Water and Snacks during the tour to keep your refresh
  • Entry tickets to all the mentioned sights
  • Fluent English speaking guide
  • Private modern A/C vehicle with Wi-Fi on board
  • All taxes and charge

Pyramids tour and Egyptian Museum excludes

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  • Tipping

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Cairo pyramids and Egyptian museum tour – Tours for Egypt
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