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Siwa Oasis – Egypt travel

Siwa Oasis

-Once you arrive at Siwa, you will discover that this heavenly oasis provides you with water and shade. It is one of the most beautiful places in the whole world. It is famous for the scenery of lakes and palm trees. It is located in the western desert. This place is full of wonders, varying from nature, history, culture, and architecture. You won’t believe your eyes when you reach Siwa for the first time. You will see an island full of mineral springs, salt lakes, and endless olives.


-It is the best place for environmental treatment in Egypt. It is famous for its moderate climate, pure air, and blue clear sky. It is called the oasis of beauty, poetry, and the paradise of artists.


-There are definitely many things you can do there. You can visit the famed “Shali Fortress”. It was made of a material consisting of salt and clay. It was built in the 13th century to protect the Siwans from outsider attacks. It had a single gate, called “Bab Anshal” which means the “gate of the city” and a mosque was also built on the northern side of the city. There was another gate called “Bab Athrat”, which means the “new gate”. The ruins of the fortress were newly restored. It is still a place you can’t miss. Also, it is considered a cool spot for photography and watching the sunset.


-The highest hill in Siwa is called “Al-Dakrur Mountain”. If you climb this hill, you will get the most charming in your entire life. You will have different views of the whole oasis. The beautiful palm trees combine with the desert and water. It is very amazing to notice the seashell fossils on the top of this hill. It is famous for its sand burial remedy centers. People from all over the world come to these centers seeking a cure.


-Salt lakes attract people from all over the world because of their beauty and their healing power to their souls, eyes, and their skin. This incredible place is known for its crystal-clear water with its light blue color. You can enjoy swimming and floating in these lakes. Its healing effect comes from its extreme saltiness. Siwans use salt in building and making lamps.


-In this heavenly oasis, you will find pools of hot relaxing water in various camps. You will enjoy it, especially at night. Also, during the day, you can have a refreshing swim in cold water. “Bir Wahid” is a natural cold water spring in the middle of the

desert. There, you can see the image of the oasis as depicted in movies, huge sand dunes surrounded by green bushes. Also, you can enjoy another refreshing spring called “Cleopatra Spring”. It is one of the most attractions in Siwa. The water is so clear and fills a natural stone pool that can be used for bathing, swimming, and relaxing.


-There is a small island called “Fatnas”. It is also known as “fantasy island”. It is located 10 minutes from Siwa town.

It has a freshwater spring that you can swim in. You can see a spectacular view of Siwa lake for sunset. There is a small café among the

palms where you can have a cup of tea or anything else and watch an interesting movie.


-You can enjoy the experience of a safari expedition in the “Great sand Sea”. It is a vast area of sand dunes, consisting of three sand seas, that are located the southwest of the western desert. These sand dunes are like waves of the sea. Also, you can go for a night camping, enjoy the moon and the beautiful night.


-Also, near the center of Siwa, you will find the “Mountain of the Dead”. It is a rocky hill covered in more than 1500 tombs, that date back to the late

pharaonic period. Some of these tombs are from the Greco-Roman period that decorated with

beautiful and ornate drawings. And not to mention the Temple of Alexander the Great

-If you are interested in art and history, you must

Visit the “Siwa House Museum”. It is a great place where you will find artifacts of the ancient Siwa

population. Also, the museum gives you a look at the ancient Siwan traditions and customs. There,

you can see things like silver jewelry, wedding gowns, and traditional living spaces.


-Finally, this magical oasis provides its visitors with

an amazingly unique experience. It is a stunning and beautiful place, this adventure will be in your

memory forever.