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How many days in Egypt are Enough ?

How many days in Egypt are Enough?

How many days in Egypt are Enough?


Traveling to Egypt is a dream come true for a lot of people and deciding how many days is enough to embrace all of the greatness and visit every place you like can be very difficult but don’t worry we are here to help, and as much as we like to keep you enchanted forever in our lovely Egypt, we will try to squeeze it a little bit in An 8 Days Egypt holiday package

First Let’s Visit the Great Pyramids in Giza, Cheops, Chephren, and Mykerions. These pyramids are still looked upon with astonishment and admiration despite

passing over 7,000 years since the kings of the pharaohs had built their immortal pyramids.

The pyramids remain engraved in the memory of human civilization as a marvel and proof of how the pharos was ahead of their times and how their secrets are not revealed despite the tremendous scientific development. So it’s no news that they are the top tourist destination in Egypt and are worthy of dedicating a whole day just to be present near them.

After all, they remain as one of the seven wonders of the world that people still study and travel across the world just to take a look at it and enjoy their day with

the pharaohs’ spirits. The second day could be dedicated to museums like visiting The Egyptian Museum.

The Egyptian Museum consists of two floors, the first displays statues and heavy relics of coffins, mummies, and large paintings, and these relics are displayed according to the historical chronology.

The upper floor contains various archaeological collections, the most famous of which is the collection of King Tutankhamun

And the treasures of Tanis came from the city of Tanis affiliated to the city of Husseiniya in El-Sharkia Governorate. Tanis was in fact the first capital of Egypt in the Pharaonic era, from

which agricultural caravans came. After that, you could fly to Aswan as it possesses a large number of the great

monuments of Egypt which differs from other monuments of the world, as it is not kind of remains of palaces, buildings, or temples, but rather an integrated civilization that retains its beauty, splendor and great value.


You could visit The High Dam which is one of the most important tourist attractions in Aswan Governorate, as it is a great building characterized by its magnitude and distinctive design. Its importance is due to its role in saving and

protecting Egypt from the Nile flood every year. After that, you could stop by The Abu Simbel Temple which is located behind Lake Nasser. This temple was built by King Ramses II in 1244 BC. The temple is topped

with 4 colossal statues of King Ramses II, and at its feet are small statues of King

Ramses II’s sons, his wife, and his mother. It is known that this temple witnesses two very important events every year, which demonstrate the ingenuity and genius of the ancient Egyptians, which attract the

world tourists to watch the sun perpendicular to the face of the king on his birthday and the day he was crowned on the throne of Egypt. It was built to a high level and high precision, and this highlights the greatness and

skill of the ancient Egyptians in the art of architecture and construction. It was built

with a design that withstands earthquakes, even if its strength reaches 10 Richter, it does not collapse.

Then you should Travel to Luxor which contains a third of the world’s monuments; Perhaps this is due to the presence of many different temples in it, and it also contains the tombs of the kings of the modern state, all of these things were the clear reason for making Luxor city one of the best cities that tourists come to from all over the world to see.

You should visit The Temple of Hatshepsut which is attributed to Queen Hatshepsut, who ruled Egypt in the modern state from1479 BC and continued until she died in 1458 BC. This temple is located on the western side of Luxor.

After that, you should see the Karnak Temple due to the fact that it contains a group of temples inside, because various additions were made in different eras, it is located in the north of Luxor. One of the most distinguishing features of the temple is the presence of the sacred lake, which is considered one of the most prominent

secrets of ancient Pharaonic life, as it contains constant water that does not dry out throughout the year.

Here’s your 8-day tour in Egypt that gives you more than enough glimpse of what it’s like visiting Egypt! and of course, you can spend the 8 days covering other cities and attractions also if your time is shorter than 8 days you also will find things to do