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Museums in Egypt You can visit

museums in Egypt

Museums in Egypt You can visit

If you’re a sci-fi movie fan like me interested in Museums in Egypt

and you were watching the royal mummy parade that happened a few weeks ago

You were probably waiting for a plot twist.

Maybe a cart vibrates and a pharaoh appears from nowhere threatening who disrupted his peace

But, fortunately – or unfortunately depends on how you look at it – it didn’t happen,

And the mummies moved peacefully from one museum to another.

Which brings us to our topic, Cairo museums you visit?

First, we have The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

Which we saw the mummies transfer to.

It contains More than 50,000 artifacts that resemble the stages of civilization development from the earliest times until the modern era.

will be displayed in a permanent major exhibition that deals with the greatest achievements of Egyptian civilization, in addition to six other exhibitions dealing with topics:

civilization, the Nile, writing, state and society, culture, beliefs, and ideas, in addition to an exhibition of the royal mummies of course.

it’s located near the Babylon Fortress and overlooks Ain Al Sira in the heart of the historic city of Fustat

Which were the first and oldest Islamic capitals – in the ancient Cairo area

And I can tell you that the Area is a museum itself, maybe it’s not as well structured as the museum but when you stand in it you can feel the spirits of ancient Egyptians roaming around you with pride.

Second, we have the Egyptian Museum

One of the largest and most famous museums in the world- which is located in the heart of the Egyptian capital Cairo (Downtown) and overlooks Tahrir Square.

Which has its own history as it has been the location and focuses for political demonstrations in Cairo, most notably those that led to the 2011 Egyptian revolution.

Anyway, the museum consists of two main floors, the first floor contains heavy relics from coffins, paintings, and statues displayed according to the historical sequence.

While the upper floor contains various archaeological collections, the most important of which are King Tutankhamun’s collection, the treasures of Tanis, King Narmer prayer hall, the statue of King Khufu, the mask of King Tutankhamun, in addition to a large number of royal treasures.

Third, we have The Museum of Islamic Art


The Museum located in Bab al-Khalq Square, one of the most famous squares of historical Cairo, and is close to the most famous Islamic architectural monuments that express the greatness of Islamic civilization and the sophistication of its arts, such as the Ibn Tulun Mosque, the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, and the Citadel of Salah al-Din.

The aim of its establishment was to collect Islamic monuments and documents from many parts of the world such as Egypt, North Africa, the Levant, India, China, Iran, the Arabian Peninsula, and Andalusia, in artistic collections expressing various arts Islamism through the ages, in a way that contributes to enriching the study of Islamic art.

The Museum of Islamic Art is one of the largest museums of Islamic art in the world, with about 100,000 archeological masterpieces. Which makes it a beacon for Islamic arts and civilization throughout the ages.

The museum consists of two floors; The first contains exhibition halls, while the second contains stores. The museum display scenario includes 4000 artifacts in addition to display screens, and a hall has recently been added that includes the collections of the era of Muhammad Ali.

Fourth, The Coptic Museum

The Musem located within the boundaries of the Roman fortress of Babylon near the collection of ancient churches (the Church of Abu Sharjah, the famous Church of the Virgin “in the Muallaqa,” in addition to the Jewish temple). The purpose of its establishment was to collect antiquities and documents that contribute to enriching the study of Coptic art in Egypt.

This museum is the largest museum in the world of Coptic antiquities, and it includes a collection of the finest examples of Coptic art that have been distributed to the various departments of the museum.

Last but not least The grand Egyptian museum.

One of the best museums in Cairo Egypt which will open later this year 2021

And of course, there are many other museums in Egypt but one article won’t be enough to cove it

Egypt has a lot to discover so you better start to discover it NOW.