How to exchange money in Egypt? And what is the tipping standard?

Concerning Money and Currency Exchange in Egypt

For sure it’s an important question that most of the travelers around the world ask themselves about when they planning a visit anywhere in the world

In Egypt that would be easy but also might be confusing for some travelers as the currency exchange rate in Egypt is a little bit low due to the recent economic situation in Egypt also the foreign currency rate is not stable always change according to the market demands

The easiest currencies that you can exchange easily in Egypt are

United States dollars, British pounds (sterling), and Euros

Some currencies are not accepted in Egypt like south African Rands for example and some more you won’t be able to exchange to a local currency (Egyptian pounds) you need to be aware of this point also you need to make sure you authorize your cash cards with your bank and Credit Card Companies before you travel or you ended up spending your vacation in Egypt without two pence to rub together.

What about Tipping? What is the proper amount?

Acutely this is a part of the culture in Egypt and it’s smoothly very common her

Many people counting on it to make a living.

Make sure you have always a small change you can use anywhere if needed Like restaurants, shops, coffee shops, bars, hotels. Nile cruise ships even to your guide if you willing to hire someone’s service to do a tour or something

Tipping in Egypt generally consider appreciation you show for someone who provides you with a good service

Tipping is not mandatory and also not to be forced to do, but on most occasions, it’s expected from the other person

So it is up to you at the end of the day it’s your decision to make. How much to give him or her