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Is traveling to Egypt cheap? Your Ultimate Guide in 2022

is traveling to Egypt cheap

Is traveling to Egypt cheap?  Your Ultimate Guide in 2022

Any real traveling fanatic or any regular traveler who hasn’t been to Egypt before will now have Egypt at the top of his traveling plans in 2022. And due to all of the economical debates and news that are going on in the world right now, the main question that wanders around our traveling fanatic’s mind is, Is Egypt Cheap or Expensive?

Let’s Find out. We will analyze that question by diving into the basics, which are accommodation, food, transportation and visits.


In Egypt there are plenty of options to suit all budgets, but most of the hotels and hostels you can find here are considered the cheapest in comparison with any other country in the middle east region. In Egypt a hotel room can cost from 10 dollars per night to 600 dollars and you can choose whatever suits you in between from standard hotels or Luxury hotels .

Also you you will find hostels that won’t cost you much and you will still be able to enjoy the level of luxury 


You can’t even consider going to Egypt without thinking about its delicious and famous –and for the sake of our article cheap- street food that will guide you in your quest to discover Egypt as much as a map can do and even more.

Food in Egypt is delicious, varied and saturated. Meals based on vegetables alone are the cheapest, and they do not even exceed a 10 dollars. But dishes that include meat are times more expensive than vegetarian dishes but not much .

Eating sandwiches is an ideal option, for example, a sandwich of grains of your choice with eggplant and other toppings according to taste, could cost approximately $0.50, Falafel is $0.80, and of course the most popular dish, koshary, will not cost you more than 3 dollars.

Also you will find tours where you can visit a local house and cook with them and get to know more about the Egyptian familes daily routine

 If your choice is restaurants, but you are working on a budget, you should choose carefully, because prices vary drastically. In general, a large meal costs between 15 and 20 dollars.


There are different kinds of transportations in Egypt. If your visit is mainly in Cairo, you can use the Metro often and the cost its ticket will not even come close to a dollar, but it is usually very crowded and could be confusing for a new visitor.

You could use the Bus, but again it can be confusing but it’s very cheap and available everywhere you go. There is also the option of taxis that operate according to the meter and will take you anywhere you want.

To move between Egyptian cities, you have to rely on the train or buses. There are different classes of trains that you can choose from, for example, a trip from Cairo to Luxor can cost you up to 20 dollars. A standard, sleeping train costs around 90$.

 And lastly we shouldn’t forget about Uber, Kareem and a lot of other advanced transportations that are available in Egypt and completely safe and work within their normal rate like any other country, so feel free to use whatever you want it’s your choice.

Along with that the private tourism vehicles it may cost more but it worth it 

Tours & Visits

We don’t want to exaggerate and say that visiting Egyptian monuments is priceless –which is kind of true in a spiritual way- because we live in a practical world and we can put a price on almost everything, so here we will list a few of the places you cannot miss in your next visit, and we will leave evaluating their true worth to you: and if you wanna help to create a clearer picture feel free to contact us 

The ticket to visit the Great Pyramid area is the most expensive one, it’s worth approximately 16 dollars.

A ticket to visit the tomb of Tutankhamun in Luxor ranked second, as it amounted to 11 dollars.

In third place, a ticket to visit the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, is worth approximately 11 dollars.

In fourth place, a ticket to visit the temple of Abu Simbel in Aswan is worth approximately 10 dollars.

As For the museums:

A ticket to visit the most famous Royal Mummies Hall in the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square is worth approximately 10 dollars and the ticket to visit the museum itself is worth approximately 10 dollars.

A Ticket for The Grand Egyptian Museum is worth only dollars.

The ticket to The Museum of Islamic Art which is the largest Islamic art museum in the world is available for only 5 dollars.

The mentioned rates are approximate rates and might change at any time .

And for sure there are many attractions one article won’t be enough for it