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what is the safety measure to travel to Egypt?

Is it safe to travel Egypt

Is it safe to visit Egypt?

We all agreed that this is the first question that hit you when you’re Egypt is on your bucket list, is it safe to travel to Egypt ? of course the media all over the world import Egypt’s image negatively, Egypt just like any other country in the world God it’s the only shoe but saver, it’s actually maybe safer than some European countries and some cities in the US, Egypt people are very friendly, helpful and warm you’re gonna find them always with a smile on their faces, but of course, it’s like any other country got its own issues, but the media always has an agenda.

Egypt is one of the countries where women can travel on their own as a solo traveler with zero fear, the crime rate in Egypt is very low and the Egyptians are very friendly but the most important thing which you need to know Is do I travel to Egypt independently or

should I organize my trip with some agencies?

my answer to this question is simple and it has nothing to do with safety but it has a lot to do with the nature of the country so it’s better to book with an online tour operator with a good repetition or a tour company that will provide you a private tour package that matches your desires on a private basis or share with a group just to make sure you are making the most benefit of your time especially that Egypt is one of those countries which you can spend so many days and still miss a lot of the high lights if your trip is not organized plus it is uneasy to use the public transportation with very few people communicating in English and it is impossible to rent a car with the local driving behavior.

Can you travel to Egypt on your own without booking with any Company or travel website?

of course, you can but if it’s the first time for you it would be better to book with an agency in order to understand the nature of the country know what’s going on Here and there, How the transportation works and what’s its standard comparing to other countries and many other side and facts which you will have to discover it by yourself then you can explore it’s beauty wonders, visiting the great pyramid, the great architecture, the red sea, sail on the great Nile river, tour the busy streets of Cairo, enjoy the Mediterranean breeze in Alexandria, climb the saint Sinai mountain and much more to discover,

Discover Egypt

Egypt is magnificent and got a lot to discover. Meeting intellectuals at a local coffee shop, visit a local family and cook with them and spend the whole day there, attend Live musical concerts, Feel the positive vibes at Sakkara and Dahshur and meditate there Egypt is more than just pyramids Egypt is a unique genuine world no words can describe the charm of it you need to discover by yourself,

Book your next trip to Egypt and enjoy it Now. If you have any questions please feel free to ask us anything, please ask us about all your concerns and we will be happy to provide you with the answer which will clear things up for you.  Stop The wait and book your next trip and Live Egypt like a local Now