Explore Egypt in Ramadan the holy month

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Explore Egypt During Ramadan

-Ramadan is an excellent opportunity to experience Egypt

The traditions and culture in Egypt during this month are unique.
People are more generous and kind. One of the most common greetings in Ramadan is “Ramadan Karim” which means “have a generous Ramadan”. Cities are more peaceful. You will

find large tables full of traditional Egyptian food on streets made by donations and rich people.

-One of the most popular traditions in Ramadan is

lanterns “Fanoos”. You can see streets decorated with

lanterns and colorful lights. Also, people buy them to

decorate their homes, and children expect to get one to

play and sing Ramadan songs with their glowing lanterns.

-If you are at home and hear the sound of the drum

Don’t be alarmed because it is “Mesharati”, a drummer who

roam the streets making a repetitive sound on his drum

to wake people to have Sohoor. This tradition goes back

to the Ottoman era when people don’t have clocks to wake

them. Sometimes, children give those drummers money

to call their names

-Iftar cannon or “cannon for breakfast” is an ancient tradition in this month

It started in Egypt and then spread to other surrounding Arab countries.

Everyday minutes before the Maghrib prayer, a cannon will make a single shot to inform people of the time of breakfast “Iftar”. It is practiced today in most parts of the Arab world.

The cannon is first fired to announce the beginning of the holy month Ramadan and then each day to announce

the time of breakfast at maghrib prayer.

-Ramadan tents appear during this month

tents which provide a place to meet and eat special Ramadan plates, sweets like “qatayf, konafah, baklava”,

drink their favorite juice “Qamar Eldeen”. These tents are decorated with folklore colors red, white, and blue, a mix between Egyptian and Islamic design.

You will find that they are accompanied by cultural events and shows including oriental Ramadan songs performed by singers or bands.

They are present in the old area of Cairo, especially in El-Moez st., around El-Hussien mosque where people gathering like a wonderful carnival.

You can visit the Khan El-Khalili area, Fostat in old Cairo, and the famous gates and walls of Islamic Cairo.

-Also, Alexandria city has its own atmosphere during

Ramadan. You can walk on the corniche in the morning or visit the fishermen’s area “Anfoushi” and El-Attarin

where antique furniture is sold. At night, you can have a great visit to the famous mosque “Morsi Abul Abbas”

where colored decorations are everywhere.

-The main feature of this month is the charity

So there is a cultural phenomenon called “Mercy tables” or “Moa’ed Al-Rahman”.

These tables are full of different Egyptian dishes and they are seen around all Cairo to

provide the city’s poor with an open invitation to have breakfast.

This tradition dates back to the Fatimid era, originated with prince Ahmed Bin Toulon after he took

over Egypt. Food during this month has another taste.

Konafah is one of the main desserts that people tend to buy. A family gathering would complete with a plate of

sweets and konafah come on the top.

Egypt’s rich history make it the number one destination on the majority bucket list and indeed it’s a great place to visit

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