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Dahab, Egypt 5 Places You Must Visit


5 Places You Must Visit in Dahab, Egypt

If you’re looking for a place to relax and enjoy nature, Dahab is the way to go.

It is located at the Governorate of South Sinai, Aqaba, 100 km from the wonderful city of Sharm El-Sheikh and 87 km from the Egyptian city of Nuweiba.

It is divided into two villages in the north of the city, which is the soul of the city and its pulse. It includes the commercial markets, bazaars, shopping places, and the south of the city, which is called Al-Asala is characterized by the simple Bedouin life.

Dahab in Arabic means Gold, and the reason why it’s called like that is because during sunset the color of the water becomes golden, due to the intensity of its purity and clarity, and its beautiful yellow sand, which resembles the color of gold.

Now, what are you waiting for? Buckle up your Seat belt and book your next Flight to The Amazing Dahab and we will be happy to share all the amazing places You must visit.

Nabq Nature reserve

A trip to Dahab is not completed without visiting the most important natural landmarks of Dahab, which is the Nabq Nature reserve. It contains rare and endangered plants, birds, and wild animals, numbering 134 species, of which 86 are already extinct, unique species of fish, and colorful coral reefs.

Other than the presence of diverse and rare desert animals and distinctive birds. The reserve in Sharm El Sheikh also contains several types of exotic plants, as well as trees such as mangroves.

What makes this reserve a favorite for many tourists, especially lovers of safari and desert life, is the diversity of life forms in this environment. Where it is possible to practice several activities, such as diving or experiencing the fun of safari between the mountains or observing eagles and falcons.

Coral Island

Coral island is one of the best tourist attractions in Dahab. It’s located near the Palestinian borders waiting For anyone looking for the beauty of nature combined with the classics of ancient monuments to welcome and amaze.


The island is classified as one of the most important diving sites in the tourist city of Dahab because of its beautiful coral reefs close to the surface of the water that can be easily seen even by non-professionals in diving and snorkeling.

Blue Hole

The blue hole is a diving hole located on the coast of the Red Sea, east of the Sinai Peninsula, a few kilometers from the city of Dahab. The depth of the dome is about 130 meters. The entrance hole is about six meters wide, while the exit hole known as the arch reaches about six Twenty meters, and between entry and exit, a long tunnel with a depth of 56 meters is formed that provides unparalleled pleasure for the diver thanks to the coral reefs and the plant and animal life that light formations add to their beauty.

The reputation of the Blue Hole has helped transform the city of Dahab, into a vibrant city with cultures, after a number of foreign expatriates chose to settle in and continue their work online just so they wouldn’t give up that view and mood. Among them are divers and hiking enthusiasts Of course.

Laguna Beach

“The place that will never lose its luster” that’s what the people of Dahab are calling The Laguna beach. It’s considered the largest shelter for small fish, and the best place for water sports and sailing, as it is characterized by being intertwined with the land and all its beaches are sandy, and it includes the rarest diving sites in the world.

Ras Abu Galoum Nature reserve

It is also called Wadi Al-Rassa, and it has a wonderful special feature, it’s located near the mountains and the beach, which makes the view amazing. The reserve is famous for having a cave system underwater that reaches 100 meters, but it is unstable. It also has coral reefs, colorful fish, seagrass, birds, and wild plants, of which there are 165 species, of which 44 are found only in that reserve.