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The Mixture of Different Cultures


“Bride of the Mediterranean” is a popular tourist destination and an essential industrial Centre founded by Alexander the Great.

Alexandria history is so rich and such a unique blend of different cultures

It was an important culture and industrial Centre of
Hellenistic civilization “ancient Greek” and the capital of Ptolemaic Egypt, Roman, and Byzantine

Egypt for 1000 years, until the Muslim conquest in AD 641.

It was considered a meeting point for the intellectual and cultural capital of the whole ancient world.
It continued to be the significant city of the world even after the death of Alexander.

-Alexandria was a crossroads for many different cultures.

First of all the Greeks started getting Attracted to this city.

Also, it attracted a lot of Jewish residents.

During that period, the Jewish community occupied one of five main districts of the city.

Many of these jews adapted to the Hellenistic culture so they forgot how to speak Hebrew.

At that time, people from different cultural backgrounds lived in Alexandria.

It continued to grow under Roman rule because of its important location for trade.

-You will explore amazing landmarks

Monuments that remain from the Romans and Greek.
These ancient antiquities are so unique and a great reason to visit Alexandria.
One of them called “The Catacombs of Kom El-Shuqqafa”, a Roman burial site.

It reflects the rich history of Alexandria and a living example of the Greek-Roman style.
You can see this style inside the main burial chamber.

-Kom El- Dikka ancient ruins

This area includes the famous “Roman theatre” which dates back to the

second century AD. It was used for several purposes along with history.

The Greco-Roman features. used to play musical shows and

performances during the Roman period.

During the Byzantine era, it was used to held important meetings and assemblies.

Today, it becomes one of the historical sites in Alexandria. It catches your

attention with its white and gray marble design of seats for the audience.

-You will find all the history of Egypt A visit to Alexandria is a great way to discover that

The “Greco Roman museum”. It contains artifacts from

the fascinating period in Egyptian history when Greek

, Roman, and ancient Egyptian civilizations all interacted.

The city includes Greco-Roman monuments.

It has two important tombs, one from the Ptolemaic period and the

other from the Roman era, then they were transferred to the tribal garden of the museum.

Also, it contains several halls, each hall has a collection of antiquities in different eras.

-The “Pompey’s Pillar”

is one of the oldest and highest memorial columns in the ancient world dates back to the Roman era?

It consists of a large granite column which is a part of the ruins of a huge Roman empire that

Which was centered in Alexandria

On both sides of the pillar, you will find two large sphinx statues, made of red granite and that show the huge blend between cultures. Because the sphinx origins are pharaohs

-Qaitbay Citadel

is one of the most charming landmarks in Alexandria, besides it is the

strongest fortress in the Mediterranean. It was built by Sultan Al-Ashraf Qaitbay

on the ruins of the amazing lighthouse which was considered one of the seven wonders in the ancient world.

The citadel is an impressive fortress, you will enjoy every detail when you are standing inside.

It has three floors, the first floor contains a big mosque.

The second floor has corridors and halls while the third and final floor is a circular room

holding the seat of the king.

-To sum up, Alexandria doesn’t have one but many different identities that make the city

living between the past and the present.

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